Saturday, April 2, 2011

Butler is back

As you may know, Ms. BIE is a double Bulldog.  She graduated from Butler before moving South to chase me, so clearly we are rooting for the Dogs.  Yes, I know they aren't this year's darlings, but I can't help that.  Ordinarily, I would root for VCU to roll on.  Today, not even a little.

If you haven't watched any of this year's NCAA basketball tournament, let me catch you up:
  • Butler has beaten Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and Florida to get back to the Final Four.  The fact that they beat Wisconsin and Florida is enough reason to root for them in my opinion. 
  • Butler is a small private college in Indianapolis.  They play their home games at the one of the most iconic of the grand old  gyms, Hinkle Fieldhouse.  Hinkle was the home of the Milan Miracle, the story behind the movie Hoosiers. 
  • While most of us Southerners can't understand the devotion to basketball, basketball in Indiana is like football in Georgia.  Nearly every house has a basketball hoop and usually you will see kids and adults alike shooting in the evenings. 
  • They are the Bulldogs, for Heaven's sake!  Their mascot, Blue II, is a white and brindle English.   He will be on the sidelines.  Blue has his own blog and Twitter feed.  The Blue line isn't as good looking as the UGA line, but honestly, what college mascot is?
  • Butler is led by Matt Howard, Shawn Vanzant, Shelvin Mack, and Ronald Nored.  They play basketball very methodically, with a ton of motion on offense and contesting all ball movement on defense.  
I don't have a lot of analysis on the game this evening.  VCU loves to run the floor and get off a lot of shots.  Think Washington, but with better fundamentals.  The winner of this game is the team that keeps with their game plan better, as you probably couldn't find two teams with such opposite playing styles.

No matter what, you have to root for the winner of this game over the UK-UCon winner.

Tip is at 6:09 pm from Houston.

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  1. I agree 100%. I told my friend (UK fan) that I would pull for Kentucky tonight but I had to pull for whoever wins VCU-Butler in the title game. Might as well be a bulldog, even if it isn't UGA.