Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where to from here?

As I thought would happen, Alabama beat Georgia in basketball yesterday.  It was the first sub-50 loss for the Dawgs.  Alabama simply out rebounded Georgia, allowing the Tide to take enough more shots to win.  As has been noted, Alabama is a very good home team, showing that strong rebounding and solid low post play. 

So, Georgia will either finish fourth or fifth in the SEC East, meaning they will have Arkansas or Auburn in the first round game of the SEC. 

I still believe, absent four or five upsets in the big conference tourneys (or maybe in the conferences with two really strong teams), Georgia makes the NCAA tournament, even with a loss.  That being said, a win on Thursday will solidify their spot and will probably keep them out of the 11/12 play in game, something I desperately want to avoid for some reason.  Playing until Saturday or beyond in the SEC tourney can help get them to a possible 10 seed.

So now, the Dawgs have put together a 20 win season.  Florida, Kentucky and Vanderbilt have their tickets punched.  Alabama still needs a win or probably two to get in the tournament.  Now, we root for Kentucky over Tennessee. 

With the four seed, the Dawgs play first in the tournament, against Auburn at 1pm on Thursday.  The winner of that game would take on Alabama at 1pm on Friday.  That is optimal for Georgia, who will, in the minds of voters, put aside the road loss to 'Bama.

With the five seed, you play Arkansas at 7:30pm Thursday.  The winner of that game gets Florida on Friday night.  While Georgia has shown they can play with Florida, that is a much tougher match up for the Dawgs. 

Either way, it has been a fun, albeit disappointing at times, regular season.  Now, we find out what the legacy of this team will be.  Can Coach Fox will another several wins from this bunch?  Can this bunch put together the play we have seen at times and really put Georgia back on the basketball map? 

Go Dawgs!

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