Thursday, March 31, 2011

What do you expect him to say?

Chizik goes on the record: "So it saddens me that somebody is going to air a show with basically one side being known. I think that's pathetic. And I think it's pure garbage."

Yeah, I know.  The problem isn't whether or not they took liberties with the ladies.  They did.  The issue is the double secret probation they are on with the NCAA.

There are three things you don't want to see on your front lawn if you are a major college football coach:
  1. Steve Croft of "60 Minutes" with a camera.
  2. The local constabulary with four of your players in jail for serious felonies.
  3. The ex-FBI agent investigators from the NCAA.
Looks like a banner month for Chizik. The problem isn't if the NCAA finds out this stuff is true, although that is a concern.  The problem will be what other stuff they will find when they start asking around.  As Georgia found out with the AJ Green situation, they don't come in with blinders on.  They turn over tables and look in nooks and crannies.  The NCAA investigators won't have the time pressure put on them by the SEC and the school to clear this up in time so an individual player isn't harmed.  They will be methodical and looking to make a point.

Chizik has to hope pure garbage is all they find.


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