Monday, March 14, 2011

Selection Sunday: Postmortem

First, I have to say that I am surprised at the 10 seed.  I said last week that a ten is better than an 8-9, since the quality of the teams usually are not that different from 7 through 10 and the 8-9 winner has to play a number one seed in the second round. I believe the committee used the 'seeding up/down' prerogative to help with travel, something within their purview to do.  Clearly, Georgia wasn't even close to being one of the last four in.

Second, while I had small nagging doubts about Georgia getting in, I just could not for the life of me see Colorado, Alabama, Virginia Tech, Clemson and St. Marys being above Georgia.  Yes, I know the media fawned all over all of them at times during the last week.  I am sure there is a guy in some basement in Bristol, Connecticut that was routinely verbally smacked down in production meetings when he was saying those teams didn't deserve to be in due to those pesky things like SOS and RPI.   I am sure that guy is privately gloating right now and giving Jay Bilas a dirty, victorious look.  At the end of the day, the committee looked at, you know, facts like a strong RPI, strong road record, strong SOS and no bad losses and decided Georgia was a better selection than all of those teams. 

Looking at who did get in, I'd have to say Michigan at an 8, Missouri at 11 and Cincy at a six are the biggest surprises to me.  Michigan, since I thought their losing to Indiana and their RPI would keep them in double digit seeds.  Missouri because the same reason, but opposite effect.  Cincinnati because they had the lowest SOS of any team in the top 25 bids, by a heap.  They had the lowest SOS of any team in the Big East. 

Other surprises:
  • Florida a two seed, while Kentucky is a four.  I thought they'd both be in the 3-4 zone, with Kentucky getting the higher seed based on the win yesterday.  This is exhibit two of the conference committee doesn't give a crap about your head to heads.  
  • The media having a stroke over Colorado not getting in, while talking about the two head to head wins 'Bama had over Georgia; yet no one has referenced Georgia's win over Colorado.  
  • Pitt getting a 1 seed, while the team that beat them and had a better RPI and SOS in Notre Dame didn't.  
  • Arizona as a five seed.  I guess loosing to Washington hurt them that much.
  • FWIW, I think Cleveland State and Harvard were bigger snubs than Missouri State and St. Mary's.
  • Why is Clemson in again?
Highest RPI team left out: Harvard (35)*
Highest RPI of an at-large selection: USC (69)*
Highest RPI of a 'Big Six' left out: Boston College (58)*

*As of last night's

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