Sunday, March 6, 2011

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - March 6

Ok, one last time before the conference tourney.  Just a reminder, I rank these on the basis of how I think the NCAA tourney selection committee would. 

I think Tennessee might have to win a game now;  I think Georgia is in a precarious position if they lose to Auburn.  A worse case scenario for Alabama is for Auburn to win instead of Georgia.  'Bama gets nothing from an RPI stand point if they beat Auburn.  If they beat Georgia twice in a week, with one coming on a neutral court, that might give them the bump they need to get in, as it'll be two good wins for them in a week.  I don't think them getting in will be at the expense of an SEC team, but instead at the expense of Colorado, FSU, or Illinois/Michigan State.

That being said, Alabama is the team that is most rooting for one of the top six teams below to win the SEC tourney.  Any of the six below them win, and you can plan on exciting NIT basketball at Coleman next week.  
  1. Florida - Starting to look more and more like at regional final team.  Can the team that has been playing so well for the last month keep from being the team that lost to Jacksonville?
  2. Kentucky - Kentucky won their first road game in six weeks.  Now we can plan on seeing 25,000 blue clad Cat fans in Atlanta thinking just maybe...
  3. Vandy - We are about to see just how this 'guard play in the tournament' thing really works.  Shut down Jenkins and you beat Vandy.  Sounds simple, right?
  4. Georgia - The Dawgs should dance, but a loss to Auburn in the opening game of the SEC tournament will make the Dawg Nation very anxious next Sunday.
  5. Tennessee - Have the Vols done enough to get in without winning at least one? 
  6. Alabama - 'Bama needs to see some regular season conference champs win their tourneys and get a couple of wins in Atlanta to be assured of playing in the NCAA tourney.
  7. Mississippi State - Virtually assured of playing in the NIT.  Have they finally turned the corner enough to make an SEC tourney run?
  8. Mississippi - Oh, the humanity! Losing to Auburn in the last week isn't what Andy Kennedy needed.  I predict his wife files suit against Tony Barbee next.
  9. Arkansas - The Razorbacks are my surprise pick to win a post season tournament you have never heard of.
  10. South Carolina - I predict South Carolina will turn it's full collective attention to baseball at about 5:26 Eastern on Thursday afternoon.
  11. Auburn - Auburn on their second multi-game win streak of the season; single handedly ensures Mississippi doesn't somehow sneak into NCAA discussion.
  12. LSU - Welcome to the cellar.  The whole truly is lesser than the sum of its parts for Trent Johnson's team.

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