Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reasons to root for Tennessee in NCAA tourney

Mike Hamilton wonders about Bruce Pearl's future with Tennessee. 

Yeah, the most persecuted Jewish man since the Son of God has worked this season without out a contract.  Now, his problems include the man most likely to follow Bruce Pearl to the unemployment line waxing philosophical about Pearl's future with the Vols:

“We’ve done a lot of soul searching about the direction of our program, and we’ll continue to do that, and we’ll decide after we’re out of the NCAA Tournament what direction it is that we’re going to go next."
For the life of me, I can't figure out how Mike Hamilton is still employed.  However, the math will be really simple.  Win a couple of games and have the NCAA tell the program that the coach will be allowed to do things coaches do such as recruit, then Pearl stays.   Hamilton's hands will be tied if the Vols make the Elite 8, and Pearl given time served by the NCAA.

Lose to Michigan or have Pearl gone for a whole year...or have the program eviscerated by the NCAA, Hamilton has no choice. 

Of course, this is just speculation.  It could be that Hamilton will be given no choice by the University's Chancellor.  If that happens, it is hard to imagine Hamilton not being far behind.

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