Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quick hits

On the road, but had a random thought or two I had to get out:
  • The irony of Kentucky riding the back of a senior that wasn't good enough to play for Joe Billy Gillespie isn't lost on me.  The only draft Harrellson will see is whatever is on special at the local juke joint.
  • Speaking of, I have to give Calipari credit.  All season, I have questioned his coaching due to his very talented teams' inability to win to the level of their talent.  Now, his team is playing above their talent level.  I was wrong about him.
  • Bill Self is the luckiest coach in the tournament, by far.  Kansas has had the 'easiest' road to the final four of any team in history (16, 9, 12, 11).  That doesn't mean they will win on Sunday, just an observation.
  • That Butler team is scrappy.  I was very surprised to see Brad Stevens' team play so tentatively in the last 7 minutes of the Wisconsin game, but they held off a much bigger team that had gotten hot, all with 4 players with 4 fouls.  
  • For all the bluster about the SEC being down this season, remind me again the only conference with two teams still alive?
  • That VCU coach is making the dudes that decided to have a 12v12 play-in pretty Smart.  See what I did there?
  • I was also wrong about Arizona.  How did they lose to Washington in the Pac10 championship?  Oh, yeah.  Williams was cold.  
  • Kemba Walker vs. Derrick Williams.  Best one one one match-up of the tournament yet.  The winner of this one will be which team's other four show up.  I am going will UConn, but honestly, what do I know?
  • You know my history with Butler.  Even if you don't care about Butler, now is the time for Dawgs to unite with Dawgs.  If you love puppies and America, you have to root against Florida, right? 
  • Go Dogs!


  1. I'm more in the Barkley school of whomever is representing the SEC. Call it whatever you like, I savored Kentucky's victory even more considering it was against OSU, the tourney favorite. Barkley has been unwavering in picking the SEC and deserves a pat on the back for doing so on natl tv where everyone else picks Big 10.

    Being close to Butler and their fans should be an added incentive to foment UGA love among the other Dawgs. Of course, rolling and smoking cornsilks helps also.

    Our victory over Kentucky this year looms even larger now. Go Dawgs! Go Fox!

  2. Suspicions confirmed! You appear to be a much better basketball writer that football..I suspect it's you geographical proximity to Indiana..and the Butler connection which I share as a former faculty member there..Go little Bulldogs!!

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