Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ohio State: A view from the Midwest

The Average Big Ten Fan
To the average Big 10 fan, the news out of Columbus is cause for joyous celebrations in the way that the average Midwesterner knows well:  Plenty of Keystone Light and burning the shit out of other people's stuff.  Because it is cold here, y'all.  Never-mind the ramifications of Ohio State no longer being around to raise the profile of the conference, ensuring the Big 10 gets at least two BCS bids per year.  Never-mind the sullying of the percieved pristine reputation of how the Big 10 does their athletic business.  Never mind Iowa's penchant for blowing double digit leads to whomever is leading the conference.

F'that, dude.  We're gonna go to Pasadena, bitches!

Yeah, maybe to see Wisconsin play.

Michigan Fans
Michigan and Ohio State fans hate each other.  There is no love lost between the respective schools, either.  In that regard, Brady Hoke is now officially the second luckiest guy in the world, right behind Gene Chizik (at least for now).  For Michigan, the road back to respectability begins with beating tOSU, something they have failed to do since 2003.  If it didn't officially happen in 2010, that is only six in a row! However, the cupboard is pretty bare, so if Yahoo! and ESPN got the story right, vacating the tOSU win in 2010 might be as close as Michigan gets to winning The Game for another couple of years.

Hey, schadenfreude counts for something, though.  When you've been pwn'ed for seven years, it might count for everything.

Jim Delany and the Big 10 Presidents
Jim Delany went to great lengths to make sure his marquee program was at full force when they were going to face the fourth best team from the SEC in the Sugar Bowl.  You might be able to spell Ohio without it being 0 for the SEC now, thanks to the Big 10 commish's working his magic and putting pressure on the NCAA/Sugar Bowl.  That is the problem with standing behind someone: When poo gets flung, it invariably splatters upon your pristine white robes.  No doubt, Delany thought..no, BELIEVED, tOSU was clean in this matter and felt their heart felt 'I'm sorry, we thought it was a gray area' defense was sincere.  Or he knew the conference couldn't stand having thier co-champion, team of the decade going to New Orleans and getting Charlie Sheened by Arkansas.  Whatever.

Delany put his stack behind tOSU.  Sometimes those bets pay, sometimes they don't.  When they don't, it gets ugly.  Ask Mike Hamilton.

When Ron Zook's program is not even honorable mention dirtiest in your conference, you've got issues.

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  1. For those of us who have patiently waited, the other shoe has fallen.

    It's times like this that we huddle near Mark Richt and look up. Go Dawgs!