Monday, March 28, 2011

Of all the dirty, rotten...

I was ready to relegate basketball to the back burner, save a little passing interest in Saturday and Monday, then Butler had to go and get back in the Final Four.  I have to say, this Final Four is the most surprising I have ever seen.  Yeah, I know George Mason was a big time Cinderella, but with them that year was Florida, UCLA and LSU, all seeded four or higher.  Now we have a three, a four, an eight and an 11. 

With Butler facing VCU in one of the semi-finals, we are guaranteed to have at least an 8 seed playing for the national championship.  VCU, who is single handedly making the NCAA look very smart with their play-in game for the last of the at-larges, is the only team not to win their conference championship.  In fact, they didn't win the regular season title, either.

The only upside is I don't have to figure out how to quell my budding excitement over spring practice and the continuing flow of news out of Athens about improved eating and such.  I can't make promises about how I'll be in July, but right now I am just taking a we'll see approach, as we have heard so much of this before.

But for this week, Go Dogs!

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