Thursday, March 10, 2011

Now, I am nervous

Bradley points out what many of us have been thinking, but not saying: "This team, put simply, is better than it has played."

I'll get to his erroneous thoughts about Georgia's NCAA chances in a minute (hey, it wouldn't be me if I didn't find something to criticize about the AJC, right?), but I believe his assessment of the season and how it has played out is dead on.  He beleives the Dawgs have yet to play their best basketball.

The other day, I looked back at the season and realize that Georgia was *this* close to winning five more games (Notre Dame in Orlando, UT@home, Florida @home, Xavier @home, Vandy @home).  A foul call here, a well executed pass there and you are 22-23 wins and Joe Lunardi is talking about you in reverential tones, instead of listing you as the last at-large team in.  In reality, Georgia is right where they should be, a good team that has some more good play in them.

I do disagree with Bradley about Georgia's chances.  I think it is pretty cut and dry: beat Auburn, the Dawgs dance.  If the Dawgs win on Thursday, then lose on Friday, all of the teams Georgia would have lost to will make the tourney, including Alabama.  I was convinced 'Bama needed to make a Sunday run, and get help.  Now, I am starting to think they get in on the strength of beating Georgia twice in one week, should it come to that.  That and St. Peter's getting in the tournament.  Funny, how these things work.

Georgia can still get in with a loss to Auburn, but needs some a bunch of help.  If Georgia loses to Auburn, we need no upsets in the major tourneys.  We need Alabama to lose before Sunday.  We need Clemson, VaTech, Michigan, Washington and Colorado State to lose at the earliest possible time.  We need Xavier/Temple to win the A-10 (and play each other, if at all possible), Notre Dame to keep winning in the Big East, and we need on of the teams in the East that Georgia has beaten (Kentucky or Tennessee) to win the SEC.  Oh, and we need Colorado to keep winning, as strange as that sounds, due to our win over the Buffs.

It is a moo point if the Dawgs win today.  They'll get in.

Go Dawgs.


  1. Not sure if we need Colorado to keep winning or not, as they are a bubble team as well.

  2. I think the bubble is plenty big for the both of us.