Saturday, March 12, 2011

I don't have to tell you

How hard it was to watch what happened yesterday in Atlanta.  To those of us that have paid attention all season, giving up that lead wasn't a big surprise.  We saw it on at least 10 occasions this season, with Georgia coming out on the wrong end of that 8 times.

We can debate coaching, which we should.  We can debate questionable shots, which we should.  We can debate the inability to hit free throws, which we should.

The crux of the problem with Georgia's basketball team is no floor leadership.  We have very talented players, but when the slide starts, there is no player on the floor that will step up and say to his teammates "This stops here".  Instead we get guys gesturing at each other and frustrated with each other and not trusting each other.  No one has anyone else's back. Which leads to a lack of individual confidence; which leads to taking bad shots; which leads to being in the position to make bad coaching decisions.

I'll look at the NCAA chances later this morning, but I remain optimistic that the Dawgs get in.

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