Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boom goes the dynamite

Not that this is a surprise to anyone (h/t The Senator and about seventeen others), but DAYUM.  Looks like we are back in the good old days of someone keeping the ledger and players getting cash in their shoes after good ballgame performances.

Pat Dye would be proud, yet disgusted that they had players that would yap to the media.

Hard to see Mark Emmert, Jim Delaney, and Mike Slive work around this, right?  On one hand, at least at Auburn, the faces have changed.  These guys are just rubbing the NCAA's nose in it, especially implicating Ohio State and Auburn, two of the biggest of the programs on the NCAA radar screen the past seven months. I realize the recruiting cash is probably past the statute of limitations (as is anything McClover talked about), but I don't think the exact same thing that got Pat Dye back to fishing full time stopped after McClover graduated.

As for Chaz Ramsey, he filed a suit last year against Auburn and his coaches, including Hugh Nall, that they forced him to play instead of recovering, costing him a pro career.  I see now where they got the leverage to force him to play.   This cuts two ways.  He can been seen as having an axe to grind.  He can point to the payments as the incentive to keep playing.

But, let's be clear about Ramsey, he is only doing this to help others:

Ramsey: “I’m not out to get anybody, I want high school athletes to know what they’re getting into. This is what college football is really about it, it’s a business.

Puulllleeeaaassse.  Yeah, I took money, but don't you kids do it.

In that vein, it isn't hard to see why Tubberville got fired was encouraged volunteered to leave.  The boosters had been investing too much in 7th round draft picks for their tastes.  A top tier QB and DE, well, that is a horse of a different color.

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