Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And We're Back....

Sorry for the extended silence.  I've been on the road (Miami, Chicago, Central Illinois, Athens, Central Illinois) for the last seven days.  I did get to see the Dawgs play some baseball against Baylor on Sunday afternoon, which was fun, at least until the third innning.

So just so I am caught up...
  • Fox's Hounds need to win against LSU to feel comfortable about making the NCAA tourney.  Win both LSU and Alabama, and you can book tickets, right?
  • The Lady Dawgs, whom I have intentionally eschewed following closely, after they fell apart last season when I did start paying attention, are a top four seed going into the SEC tournament and will probably be a 7 or better seed in the NCAA tourney.  That'll be Coach Landers' 25th appearance in 27 seasons.
  • Georgia baseball:  Pitchers needed. Quick.  Not sure what the issue is, but there is clearly not the same pitching on this team as we have seen in the past couple of years.  Baseball is funny, especially when you allow teams to use bats that turn routine ground balls into doubles and weak flares into ropes.  You have to have solid pitching that can get outs from chasing bad pitches or missing good ones.  Oh, you also can't make multiple errors in an inning.  That is all I'm going to say about that.
  • The Gym Dawgs will likely host the NCAA regional meet.  I say likely, because they are doing well enough to make the regional meet, by far.  They also have had some heartbreakingly close calls in meets this season.  Being at home will certainly help them, if they get to be at home.  If you have a better sense of how this plays out, please share in the comments.  The NCAA Championship meet is in Cleveland in April.
  • Am I the only one worried about Nebraska somehow being the team that pushes Georgia onto the bubble? How about Clemson?
  • Washaun Ealey is back.  Or is he?
  • Hines Ward on Dancing with the Stars.  Why?
  • Did Steve Spurrier have a stroke?  I am not joking.  First he shows up at Daytona drinking a Coors while shirtless.  Then he talks to the New York Times.  And talks and talks and talks.  About over signing.  
  • Finally, but certainly not leastly, the Lady Bulldogs softball team is a force to be reckoned with.  They retained the number one ranking, leading a trifecta of SEC teams at the top of the polls.  The SEC is quickly replacing the Pac10 as the powerhouse in fast-pitch softball.  The Dawgs are leading the way. 
Now, for a win against LSU......

Go Dawgs!

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