Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anatomy of a loss

Play the other team's game.  Miss easy shots.  Put yourself in the position to let the officials matter.  Let the other team take 10 more shots than you.  10.  That is the game, especially in a 3 pt ball game.

Georgia, who played good defensive basketball, with inexplicable lapses in the second half, just didn't give their half court offense the chance to work.  Miss short shots from underneath the basket and have too many passes picked off trying to get those shots.  Have officials decide that any contact by your big man=foul.  Go through yet another second half of basketball and just not play solid defense or offense.

Georgia held Washington to 15 points under their average ppg.  That was with the continuing defensive lapses in the second half.  Coach Fox still has some growing to do in his in-game planning.  For example, we cannot rely on an in-bound play that requires a perfect pass and a perfect catch to execute, all the while making your best player move away from the basket.  

Congrats to Coach Fox and the rest of the team.  They came against a team that was better and more disciplined in Washington. Overall, a good season and something to build on.

Go Dawgs.

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