Monday, February 7, 2011

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Feb 6

My ballot this week:

  1. Florida: Well, that answers that.  No questions asked number one team in the conference, at least until they slip up and lose to LSU in Baton Rouge.
  2. Kentucky: Looking more and more like an Elite 8 team that will lose in the first weekend. 
  3. Vandy:  Kevin Stallings finally feels remorse over playing keep away with Yannick Noah's kid; finds a way to give Florida an OT win. 
  4. Georgia: Just win, baby.  Thankfully for the Dawgs, RPI and standings don't measure ugly wins.
  5. Tennesee: Complaining to Slive about Alabama's faxcam is what you get when you don't give Bruce Pearl something to do in early February.
  6. Alabama: 7-1 is starting to look like the real deal.  It'll be hard to keep the Tide out of the tourney if they go 12-5 in conference and win a couple of tourney games, RPI be damned.  That isn't good for Georgia, Arkansas or Mississippi.
  7. Arkansas: What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheels, got to go round.
  8. Mississippi: Mid-conference schedule hot streak to give Andy Kennedy a shot at becoming the first coach since Dave Odom to take teams to consecutive NIT final four appearances.
  9. South Carolina: Dead to me.
  10. Mississippi State: Remember when Mississippi State was going to win the West? Good times.
  11. LSU:  Bad news: Worse team in the state of Louisiana.  Good News: Auburn is in the SEC, so they aren't the worse team in the division.
  12. Auburn: Playing much better for Tony Barbee, but still a noticeable talent gap between them and other teams.  Dematha High School, for example.


  1. You have Alabama at least 4 spots too low, maybe 5. And Vandy #3? Yo
    What do you think of this SEC Men's BB rankings:

    1. Alabama 15-7 (7-1) Including winning 5 straight and no losses at home 12-0. This is the biggest surprise to me in the SEC and maybe in CBB.
    2. Florida 18-5 (7-2) Billy Donovan has his Gators playing well at the right time of the year. They are 5-1 in road games.
    Tie for 3rd: We'll find out the tie-breaker tomorrow night when UT plays at UK.
    3t. Tennessee 15-8 (5-3) could very well be the #1 or #2 team with the win last Saturday but they lost. Started the season as one of the hottest teams in the country with a 7-0 record and defeats over Belmont, Villanova and Pitt. Then they lost six of their next nine games including three straight after the Pitt win and two straight to open the SEC season. Still could have a special season with twenty plus wins and ten conference wins.
    3t. Kentucky 16-6 (4-4) A very young and inconsistent team to say the least. In my own personal opinion they have yet to impress me as team that will do much in March. Youth has been served with all of the one and dones that Calipari produces.
    5. Georgia 16-6 (5-4) You could inadvertently swap Georgia and Kentucky if you wanted. However, my reason to put Georgia #5 is because they simply do not have any outside shooters. Most of their points come on the inside or fast breaks. Coach Mark Fox is doing wonders here in Athens though.
    6. Vanderbilt 16-6 (4-4) Vandy may have the biggest upside if they just learn how to close out games. They blew a 17 point lead to Tennessee and have lost other games in the second half with big leads. They have the SEC leading scorer in John Jenkins (19.2 ppg) but lack consistent point guard play from Tinsley.
    7. Mississippi State 12-10 (4-4) Their overall record is not great by no stretch of the imagination but they have hung in there in SEC play. Losing Elgin Bailey because of the fight in the stands back in December did not help either. Will have to win SEC tournament if they expect to be dancing in March.
    8. South Carolina 13-8 (4-4) A team that has been up and down. Will need a stretch run to make an argument as to why they deserve a bid to the NCAA tournament.
    9. Arkansas 14-8 (4-5) When Rotnei Clarke is on they are almost unstoppable (see Vandy game 36 points). When he's off they are just average.
    10. Mississippi 15-8 (3-5) Chris Warren is the 2nd leading scorer in the conference at 18.2 ppg and he does not receive much help.
    11. Louisiana State 10-13 (2-6) Very athletic and long they just do not play very good team ball.
    12. Auburn 8-15 (1-8) Worst team in the SEC and maybe one of the bottom feeders in the country.

  2. I can see your point. I try to look at it (within reason) as a member of the NCAA tourney selection committee would in seeding the teams, meaning I pay attention to record, whole season, RPI, last several games.

    There is no doubt 'Bama is bringing it on. There is no doubt they have a long way to go to get in the tourney. After the win at Tennessee, they finally are in the top 100 in RPI. That 7-1 is sexy, but losses to Iowa, Providence and St. Peter's are weighing them down. Playing in the SEC West is too.

    I struggled the most with Alabama, Tennessee and Vandy this week.

    By my view, Alabama has to win at least two more games than UT and Vandy to make the NCAA tourney, at least the way it stands, due to Vandy (20) and Tennessee's (3) SOS (both are probably going to finish in the top 30, no matter what happens), they will both likely end up in the top 30 for RPI. Georgia is the team that is most in peril right now with Alabama's run. The Dawgs can get in at .500, but have to beat Alabama at Coleman to be sure of it. Alabama's(145) SOS will never get above about 90, so their RPI won't get above 70 or so.

    That being said, Alabama going 5-1 for the East and sitting at 24 wins and a 75 RPI will be a tough team for the selection committee to over look. They have much, much less room for error than any of the other teams in the top 6 on either list, as any more losses to a West team (especially at home) will just kill their RPI and the eye test when the committee meets.