Thursday, February 3, 2011

Salvaging Par

Well, Amen Corner is behind us.  The Dawgs basketball team pulled out an exciting win to stay in contention.  Looking back, Fox's Hounds were in every game and should have won two of the three they lost (Tennessee and Florida).  I'm not as bullish on this team making the NCAA tourney as I was two weeks ago, but I am not ready to proclaim them an NIT team yet, either.

This is an Arkansas team that dominated Vanderbilt at Reyonolds.  Getting the win there is huge.  Not as big as a win in Lexington or Knoxville would be, but still huge.   The Hogs are now 12-1 at home with wins over Vandy and the Vols.

Finally, we learned to win with Trey in foul trouble.  He only played about 9 minutes in the first half, a half that Georgia really struggled to stay with Arkansas.  Yet, we were only down by three at the intermission.  The past two days really tested the Dawgs, with all the travel issues and such.  Getting to the Ice Station Zebra AND walking out of Reynolds with a win is a very nice way to salvage Amen Corner.

Go Dawgs!

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  1. This wasnt just saving par, this was chipping in from the bunker from 30 yrds to save par. It was THAT big.... I watched it, and felt at times like we had hit a "football quality" funk there for a while... They did get the win, and its a whole lot easier to sleep on a ugly win than a close loss for sure.