Friday, February 11, 2011

Official Review

Officials are human.  We can pretend they are not.  They are.  However, the first thing officials are taught is don't guess a call.  You can miss a call, you can make a judgment call when it can go either way, you can call tic-tac thing.  You cannot guess a call. 

If you saw Villanova at Rutgers on Wednesday night, you saw a guy guess a call.  Out of position, no reason to make that call:

It was an exciting comeback for Rutgers, down by 11 with two to play.  You have to give them credit for hitting all those threes and their crowd for keeping them in it. You can't ignore the role the officials played in this.

There were some bad calls/no calls in this time span, all that went against 'Nova.  The two worse were the egregious call on the three that sent the guy to the line for the game winner and the no-call when the guy guarding the inbound pass immediately after that shot just ran over the pick guy.  

How does that guy make that call from that angle in that situation? 

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