Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nuggets of Wisdom

I can't help but to think there is a cautionary tale for Kirby Smart in the case of Rocky Seto.  Seto, who was Pete Carroll's defensive coordinator at USC, moved to Seattle with Carroll, after he wasn't kept around by Lane Kiffin.  You can draw your own conclusions about why Seto wasn't kept, but I assume it is due in large part to USC actually hiring The Kiffer because they knew his dad would come and be the defensive coordinator.  Seto became the quality control/secondary coach for the Seahawks.

Then, Rick Nuehiesel called from Cabo.  Come back to LA and be my DC.  Seto accepted, then he ran his mouth told some reporter friends the good news about his offer to go back to LA as the DC for UCLA.  The Bruin nation wasn't amused.  There were Veto Seto Facebook pages.  The complaint: Seto was a defensive coordinator in name only.  Carroll ran the defense.  Everyone knew that.  Ignoring the ten year experience that might make him a good DC otherwise (coaching the linebackers and/or secondary while at USC, playing for the Trojans, and recruiting LA while at USC), the UCLA fans didn't want someone who wasn't 'really' in charge of the defense.  Nevermind he had offers to go to UW with Sarkisan, to Old Miss with Orgeron to to the Buffalo Bills during his ten years at Southern Cal. Seto leaking the news gave UCLA the excuse to mollify their fan base and rescind the offer.

Hey, no doubt the guy has something to learn about career management. No doubt UCLA fans are delusional if they think it'll get much better than a Pete Carroll disciple who can, you know, actually recruit.  Now Slick Rick and the UCLA AD are in a tough place because there is no hire that will come to Westwood and have the cred Bruin fans want. 

What does that mean for Kirby?  There are segments of Georgia's fan base that would trade him for Mark Richt right now.  There are larger segments that would trade him for Todd Grantham.  I am not sold on either, but you can probably bet that Georgia isn't Kirby's next school.  Will there be fan bases that look at him as Saban's puppet? Yes.  Will that matter to some fan bases? Yes.  Will that be enough to get him canned before stepping on campus? Not sure. I'm not certain Alabama fans would want him for HC when if Saban leaves soon.

Honestly, I am not sure this means anything for Kirby, since he has coached under a couple of different guys.  If I am him, I do look at this and think about how other schools will perceive him being Saban's boy.  Whether he is a DC in name only or is in full charge of the defense, there will be those that cannot be convinced otherwise that his headset is unplugged on game day.

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