Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not quite ready for primetime

Hey, stop the 3.  Score more than zero points in the last 10 minutes.  Have someone, anyone step up.  The Coach can care more than the team, but the team has to care.

This was one that really got away.  Yes, Vanderbilt came in higher ranked.  Yes, they have been scoring plenty of points.  Everything I suggested needed to happen did.  Georgia kept Vandy under 30 points in the first half.  They played strong defense in the first half.  Moved the ball around fine and kept the Commodores off balance. 

But the rebounds.  Oh, the rebounds.  Vandy got 47 of them.  Georgia got 30.  The 'Dores took 65 shots to Georgia's 53. Ouch.  That is your difference.  Yes, Jenkins scoring 21 points in the last 14 minutes was huge.  You could say he decided that it wouldn't happen, not on his watch. 

Kind of wish someone wearing white last night would have decided that. 

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  1. Agreed. Festus, AKA the Human Eraser, dominated Price and Barnes last night. I don't even know what else to say. Is this 4 straight weeknight games we have lost? Tompkins was invisible. Refs were bad down the stretch. I thought Price's block on Ezili at the end, which was called a foul, was a big play. You are right in that this team isn't quite ready for primetime. Vandy was trying to give us the game though.

    One more thing: I think we were down 3 with 2-3 minutes left last night. I was standing up in Sec. GG yelling for our team and some old dude 2 rows behind me asked me to sit down. To all, if you want to sit on your hands in the final minutes of a critical game, stay at home and give your ticket to someone that wants to root this team on. Ridiculous.

    Oh well, I will be there in two weeks to cheer them as well as the SEC Tournament. I love this team and Coach Fox. They have so much potential. Go Dawgs!