Thursday, February 17, 2011

No shelter for the guilty

I am guessing 'Al from Danville' won't enjoy his time in the Lee County jail.  I am sure you have heard about the poinsoning of the trees in Toomer's Corner.  Not sure where you fall on this, but I think the guy should be tied to one of the trees and left for public ridicule, then put in jail.  I hate Auburn as much as the next guy....well, maybe I am a notch or two below some, but poisoning the trees is too much.

His proported reason for doing so is the rolling of Toomer's corner upon the death of Bear Bryant.  By that reasoning, Georgia fans should take a sledgehammer to the rambling wreck since they celebrated the deaths of UGA.  I expect Auburn and Tech fans to act with little class.  Of course, I expect 'Bama fans to act with little class, as well.  I do draw the line at killing the trees.  Burning the TP in them? That is high comedy.  Killing them isn't.

Would it be ok if someone poisoned UGA or Old Smokey?  Took a sledgehammer to Howard's Rock? Built a statue of Nick Saban that was too short? Burned down Bar Knoxville?

I won't dare call for reason in a place that has none.

I wonder if his defense of insanity will be advanced by his call to Finebaum's radio show?  I mean, as Hinton described Finebaum's show:
 "for the uninitiated, think of it as a radio version of "The Jerry Springer Show" for hardcore SEC fans."
No way that gets tried in Lee County, though. 


  1. I think it's important to note that the Auburn fans that rolled Toomer's corner when Bear died, are not indicative of an entire or even a bulk of the Alabama fanbase. I cannot tell you how mad I get when I see a Georgia fan acting inappropriately, and if there's any good to any of this, it's how supportive fans of other schools (and I'm including 'bama here) have been publicly. It's not hard to put yourself in Auburn's shoes in this case and how you'd feel if it happened to you. Kudos to all who have set aside their 'rivalry hatred'.

    On another note, I thought the Cam Newton jersey on Bear Bryant's statue was funny. I'd be insulted if I were a 'bama fan, but that's not harmful.

  2. oops.. I meant - 'indicative of the entire Auburn fanbase'. Sorry for the faux pas