Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Won. Just.

Not much to add when you have to gut out an overtime win over Central Florida Auburn.  Can't really say what happened except Tony Barbee's team showed up to play and Mark Fox's seemed pretty content to trade baskets with them. 

As Coach Fox put it, "I don't think I did a very good job preparing our team to play, to be honest with you." 

There is no doubt that there was a profound lack of focus at times.  That was most with evident with inbound pass at the end of regulation and the sequence that followed, with Ross making the steal and driving nearly unimpeded to the basket.  NCAA teams make that play and certainly are prepared for the possibility that you might have to protect the lane to save a win.  Georgia wasn't an NCAA team until OT, when they finally realized what they were doing, what was on the line, and played the defense we know they can play. 

Better bring that game for a full 40 minutes on Tuesday night.  Xavier is a much, much better team than Auburn.

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