Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Win Baby

Not a whole lot to add about this afternoon's hoops match-up at Stegman against Auburn.  After facing Kentucky twice, a trip to Ice Station Zebra, a trip to the opera house and hosting the Vols and Florida, Georgia gets the Tigers, who until their stunning upset at South Carolina (yes, stunning and upset, let that cogitate for a minute) were known for upsetting FSU and losing to LSU and going 0-2 against the A-Sun and the Big South. 

How bad is Auburn?  For the football only fans among you, they are Washington State or Kansas bad.  There are teams in the Ohio Valley conference with losing records that have better RPIs than Auburn.  The Washington Generals would beat them by 20.

So, how did they pull out a win against South Carolina? The old fashioned way: South Carolina over looked them and got complacent.  After dashing to a 15-8 lead in the first 8mins, South Carolina was content to jack up the three, taking 33 3-pt shots, while only hitting 7 of them.  That is enough to make even Darrin Horn pull his hair out.  They also put Auburn on the line for 34 free throws.  I could play the post with Macondawg, let Bernie handle the rock, and get two more of you and keep it close if that happens.

This game should be raucous, with the Steg sold out.  It should be a run away fun game for the fans; a highlight of what Greg McGarity talked about this week in creating an atmosphere of fun for the basketball fan.  Frankly, that is what scares me.  Thankfully, Auburn snuck up on the Gamecocks, so Coach Fox can point to that in the way coaches do and say 'any given day.'

Tip off is 1:30.  Go Dawgs. 

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  1. As someone told me recently...I'm not fast, but I'm sudden!