Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Paycheck

A couple of weeks ago, I noted that Coach Richt has burned his credit and is now living paycheck to paycheck.  Yesterday, he cashed that first check.  The class he, Coach Garner, Coach Bobo, Coach Grantham, Coach Ball, Coach Lilly, Coach McClendon, Coach Belin and Coach Lakatos brought in was stellar.  As bad as last year's recruiting went, this year went as well.

Were there some that got away? Yes.  However, if you are focused on those and only those, I would suggest that you step back and take a hard look at your motivations.  You can hate Coach Richt and you can have no faith in him as a coach.  You can't deny the hard work these men put in and the recognition that they are on the line here.

Doing it by going head to head with the last four national champions after a 6-7 year means that much more (which is why I think the whole "SEC baby!" mentality is dangerous).  These young men have faith in Coach Richt.  I am not sure I can say that I still do, but the signs that things are substantively different in Athens are they have been (incidentally, did it seem Coach Richt has lost a few pounds).

It might not translate to success, much to the delight of some and the deep consternation of many.  For today, you can't just act like the effort and success in recruiting is nothing.

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  1. Good post. there is no denying that these men worked their tails off on this class. They went head to head with the almighty saban when it came down to only 2 schools, and sonofagun if Mark Richt didnt win 3 out of 4 there down the stretch.

    Whether or not we still have the confidence we need to have is one thing, but I know they gained a little more of it back.