Sunday, February 6, 2011

And While I'm in a Ranting Mood...

Come on students.  Weak sauce not selling out the student section.  Weak. 

I tweeted yesterday that the crowd was the quietest 10K people I have ever heard.  Billy Graham could have been talking, as quiet as it was.  That starts with the students. 

It might be a high bar, but while watching the Duke game yesterday, I was stuck at how loud Cameron was with one minute left in the game.  With Duke up by 30.  The students brought the pain for a full 40 minutes.  I noted last year how important the fans are to basketball.  There is a reason the home team wins nearly 2/3 of all games played in college.  Travel is a part of that.  Teams like UNC-Asheville playing on the road for 10 of their first 14 games is a part of that. 

Home crowds giving their team energy is a large part of that.  That starts with the students.  I did notice a group of students that were loud the whole game, right down near the floor near the goal on the smaller end of Stegman.  Way to bring it.

So, what does this mean?  If you know someone that blew the game off yesterday, bring them on Tuesday.  This game means more to Georgia getting in the NCAA tourney than you think.  Xavier is a top 30 RPI team that, barring an epic collapse, will be in the NCAA tourney.  Their AD, who will be in attendance, is on the tourney selection committee.  Beat them and go .500 in the conference, we are in the tourney.  Play them hard, bring the pain and make Stegman the place it can be, and a close loss will be one of the intangibles talked about when the selection committee meets. 

Go Tuesday night.  Be loud from warm-ups until they make you leave.  The team will respond.  It doesn't have to be Kentucky or Florida to get excited about Georgia playing.  It shouldn't have to be Kentucky or Florida for that to happen.  Go to the game and be loud.

There are hungry kids in Illinois that wish they could.

Go Dawgs!

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