Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ah, Contraire

I've made my position on Al from Dadeville's terroristic antics clear.  Under no circumstances should symbols or whatever be in play.  I am all for good clean competition and smack talk.  I am all for the fun back and forth good, strong rivalries bring.  I am firmly convinced that this is a horrific and isolated incident; I am equally convinced that nearly all SEC many, many schools have "fans" that are capable of the actions Harvey Updike undertook. 

However, it seems some Auburn fans have the analogical memories of Florida fans, at least when it comes to answering the 'what school is blameless' question.  An Auburn fan suggests that Alabama fans and Alabama fans alone started this.  Now, I am no historian, but that kind of non-sense is crazy.  No one started it.  At least in the sense that it can be started.  Harvey Updike's actions are rooted in the years of Auburn and Alabama's rivalry, taken way too far by a guy who is being rightfully shunned.  An Alabama fan did this; Alabama Fans did not. Blaming Alabama fans for this is like blaming all Christians for Timothy McViegh's rental truck escapades in Oklahoma city.  It is dangerous and stupid. 

An Auburn fan suggests that an equally cowardly and dumb solution: windows being busted and cars being keyed and 'several-on-one beatings.'  You mean like turning the water cannons on fans? Or busting windshields after the 2002 David Green to Michael Johnson game? Or getting in the face of fans and spitting on them after a road win?  I've been hosed by the Auburn police, seen windows busted, and my wife's most magical football moment came after Jasper Sanks was stopped at the goal line in 2001 and we were on the way out of Sanford Stadium after an Auburn fan was yelling and spitting his drink all over us.

Hey, I know Georgia fans aren't blameless either.  If you don't want to be known as a 'cow college' then don't act like someone who thinks like a graduate from one.

I remain sympathetic to Auburn fans.  I get that the oaks are nearly irreplaceable.  I understand the anger. While I think rolling Toomer's Corner is a lame tradition, as any red and black blooded Dawg fan does, it is Auburn's tradition, one that makes college athletics what they are.  Killing the live oaks on Toomer's Corner is the act of a coward, one that I think should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  However, calling for further cowardly actions is just plain foolishness.

(h/t Leather Helmet Blog)


  1. This does not surprise me at all. What the guy did was awful, he should be punished. However to say that any teams fans should be a bit scared and that he wouldn't be upset at all by people property being destroyed says volumes about this guy and puts him in the same class as the guy who did it. Way to take the high road.

  2. Hey, Bulldog- How far is Columbus,In from you? Thought about running over to see Gunner Kiel? 6-4/200 is a nice size for a QB. Isn't that where the bike races are...nah, Bloomington maybe.You might want him to get used to seeing an elongated "G" whenever he looks up. Just a thought.

  3. Good call. It is about 4 hours. I was talking to an Illinois fan about him the other day.

    Bike races are in Bloomington, but if I'm gonna sit on a sidewalk and watch bicycles, I'm coming to Athens for the Criterion.