Friday, January 7, 2011

Yes, I Like Pina Coladas

First, let me apologize for the extended radio silence.  Not that it matters much, but I have been in SE Georgia for the past couple of weeks, where the Internets get delivered by FedEx Ground.  That, combined with the craptasticular performance in the Liberty Bowl, has given me the excuse to take a bit of time away to get my thoughts together on football, basketball and the general state of mind in the Bulldawg Nation.

Next, let me say this: I am at a loss.  Unlike others, I am not so quick to take the steps that have longer term repercussions that simply figuring out how much payout is due Mark Richt and Todd Grantham.  If that gets me labeled whatever the gents at S&G want to label me, then that is just about right from folks that take their cues from the DawgVent.  I will say this about the decision, whatever it is: I don't currently feel, barring some great change in philosophy and approach from what has been done by Coach Richt the past four years, things will change for the better.

That is the source of my confusion.  Has Mark Richt earned a lot of cred from his run from 01-05 and 2007 (h/t BuLLdog)? Yes, absolutely. Thank goodness the people at the helm in other schools aren't at the helm in Athens.  Has Mark Richt burned through all of that cred? Yes, absolutely.  He is now living paycheck to paycheck, the first of which will be cashed in during recruiting and spring practice.  Have a lackluster recruiting/spring practice and start the season 1-3? Well, let's just say the payday loan people won't talk to him.

So, where does that leave us?  I don't know.  On one hand, we have a coach that has proven he knows how to win, knows how to do so convincingly and knows what it takes to GATA.  In that regard, patience is a virtue for the long term good of the program.  On the other, we also have that same coach deciding that softer and gentler is better, even if the results aren't as good.  In that regard, that patience has been exhausted and it is now to the point of win or else. Much has been made about Richt being a good man and too nice to fire, ect.  I don't see it as such.  It is now win or else.  I do have one thing in common with the Richt haters:  The mantra that we cannot settle for mediocrity.  Strangely enough, we are much closer together in what we want than they think.  We both want a sustained period of long term success, something we tasted in the early '00s. We just disagree on what is the best approach for that to happen. I guess that puts me with The Senator.

It does baffle me (I guess as much as my approach baffles the 'Richt must go at all cost' people) that they'd rather Georgia go 1-11 next year just to have Richt gone than have Georgia go 11-1 and have him stay. 

Under no circumstance do I think he'll stay with another 6-8 win season in 2011.  So, what do you think?  Comments and poll (at the top right) are open.


  1. CMR has decided he'd rather win or lose with what he's got in place than make drastic (and probably desperate to be quite honest) changes. Like you said...patience. And while I respect that, my doctor has ordered me to turn over a new leaf.

    So while you were sucking down chili-dogs at the corner of Milledge and Broad, I was shedding my man crush on Mark Richt. Expecting his patience to help us get back to the place where he earned all that cred hasn't gotten me anything but headaches and hypertension as of late.

    I deeply respect the man. And sincerely hope he turns things around in 2011. I just can't go on buying the stock blindly anymore.

  2. I love Mark Richt and Georgia football. I want very much for him to succeed. But even those of us who support him (apparently we're disney dawgs now) doubt he will be retained if we struggle again next year. I'm sorry to say it, but that's probably about as fair a shake as you get in big time college athletics these days. Three consecutive down years and your done. I don't think he or anyone else in the profession expects otherwise. Richt knows what he signed up for.

  3. My hope is that next year the team is good enough that the only option is to give Richt an extention, that would mean it was one hell of a turn around. However I don't think there is any middle ground. Either it is a good enough season that we extend his contract and show to recruits, fans, the team, Richt etc. that he is the man for the foreseeable future. The other option is that he is gone. I hope it is the former because it will mean the season has gone well. However if it is the latter I will thank Richt for the wonderful years and look forward to seeing the new coach.

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  5. 2006 ?

    We LOST 4 games in 2006.

    We said that Joe Tereshinski III was our Starting Quarterback. We said that Joe Cox was # 2 on the Depth Chart. We had Matthew Stafford # 3 on the Depth Chart.

    2006 was part of a good run for Mark Richt ?

    2006 against a hapless Colorado team at HOME, we had to yank Matthew Stafford and put in Joe Cox to win 14-13.

    We beat Ole Miss 14-9 the next week.

    We got blown out by a CRAPPY vols team at HOME the very next week - losing 33-51 a 3 touchdown blow-out.

    The week after that we got beat by a 4-win Vanderbilt team at HOME. That is 4 wins by Vandie INCLUDING their win over us.

    The week after that, we beat Missy State 27-24.

    Then, the following week our obligatory LOSS to Florida.

    Then, we LOST to Kentucky. A CRAPPY Kentucky team.

    2006 is part of a great run by Mark Richt ?

    Good Lord.

    2006 was a year in which we started a run of

    LOSING SIX (6) CONSECUTIVE SEC EAST games (which continued on into 2007 as well.)

    If 2006 is part of some great damn run by Mark Richt, please consider me - NOT IMPRESSED by his run.

  6. We also REDSHIRTED Knowshon Moreno in 2006 so we only got to see him 2 years All-America Running Back, 1st Round NFL Draft Selection and we REDSHIRTED Knowshon Moreno this horrible 2006 season.

    And 2006 is part of some damn great freaking run of Mark Richt.


    2006 is a perfect example of what we have put up with around here these 10 years of NOT beating the top teams, LOSING to crappy teams, and losing more off every team every year than Mark Richt added back in recruiting.


  7. You are correct. I meant 2001-2005 and 07.