Sunday, January 9, 2011

Up is Down

Just a quick look around the SEC shows how crazy yesterday was.

Exhibit one: Arkansas over Tennessee 68-65 at home.  Yes, the Hogs are now 11-3, but they have beaten no one.  They have lost by double digits to any decent team they have played (Texas A&M, Texas) and to UAB.  Yes, Tennessee is in a bad place, but they have a huge talent advantage over the Razorbacks.  Does this mean Reynolds is that much of a factor? Possibly, but still this is a disheartening loss for the Vols. 

Exhibit two: South Carolina over Vandy by two in Columbia.   Not sure what to read into this one.  The Gamecocks are up one night and down another.  Vandy had been steady and had a couple of decent wins.  Still, when the game went to OT, I don't think anyone could have thought Vandy would be the team that was out played and gassed in the OT. 

Exhibit three: Alabama all over Mississippi State.  The Bizzaro Dawgs looked to be ok after the fighting and suspensions.  Ready to move past it all.  Apparently, not so much.  The Tide, who has shown the ability to lose to much lesser teams, took it to Miss State.  They had a 22-7 run in the second half to win it. 

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