Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I didn't see the game last night (thanks Mediacom for taking ESPNU off everything but Sports Starz Plus package), but based on Twitter, the stats, and the text/emails I got, I know four things about the game.
  1. Georgia didn't play it's best basketball.  Trey was in the 30% range from the field. The ESPN live feed is a good way to track game flow, as it is a dispassionate descriptive of the action.   Time after time, it said Tennessee offensive rebound.  The six rebound advantage UT held were all offensive rebounds.  That is why they had nine more shots than we did.  In a two point game, that is all the difference.
  2. Apparently there was an over the back missed.  I am not sure if you call it there or not, but the officials didn't.  I hate it for Chris Barnes that he felt he let his team down, but it is good to see that accountability.  Respect earned.
  3. Georgia matched up pretty good. Despite having six fewer rebounds, more turnovers, and nine fewer shots, the Dawgs nearly won against a team that, on paper, has more talent, especially on the bench.  See point number 2 for why the bench play was key in this being close.
  4. Chris Barnes came to play.  28 minutes, a block, one foul, 2-3 shooting. Getting 13 minutes each from Brantley and Thornton were nice, too.
While this is a kick in the guts loss, there are some bright spots.  Namely, Tennessee appeared to play a solid basketball game, but Georgia wouldn't let them get away.  That, despite not playing their best basketball.


  1. Next time you might want to try We've got Mediacom here in SWGA and they've given that to us. I'm sure I'm paying for it somewhere.

  2. Even the tres didn't have it. Usually, I can find it on there. Mediacom is dead to me.

  3. If you think that's a good line for Barnes over 28 minutes of court time, what would be a bad stat line? He and Price are Sr's and it seems the most we can ask of them is not to screw up too bad. They are killing us.

  4. is a good place to find feeds for games, when the usual venues don't work.

    Rebounding! That's what killed us last night. If UGA corrals the Vols first shot in the last minute, then maybe we don't have the Williams fiasco (I'm still mad about the no-call)

  5. 28 mins, 2-9 shooting, 4 fouls and 6 to's.

    Eating minutes when Price can't go more than a shift without sending three guys to the line, especially considering our inside scoring presence should be Trey, is way better than any bench help we've had in the recent past.

    I would have loved to see (hear? read?) him have 8-10 points and hold the inside guys to 10 pts. Absent that, eating minutes and not putting guys on the foul line are good.

    Now, if we can work on boxing out....