Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Damn Mark Richt

All he cares about is students graduating.
"Another reason Boykin decided to return for his senior season: He said he’s on track to graduate in December, meaning he can leave for the NFL next year with his degree in hand."
Look, we all know he is paid to win ballgames, something he didn't do nearly enough of last year (I know it wasn't just last year).  But if you are going to get in his poo over the poor behavior of his players, I think it is only intellectually honest  to point out the good things going on in our program.  Two guys in the article (Boykin and Glenn) passed on the coming out, even though both would have been drafted.  Both mentioned wanting to get their degrees as a motivation for coming back.

If he has as much control over how they act downtown or in parking decks or the backseats of cars on Riverbend Parkway at 3am as we seem to think, then he has control over their decision making in this regard, too.  Actually, I would say he has created the atmosphere that getting that degree is extremely valuable, thus he has much more control over this part of their behavior.

There will be arrests.  Hopefully, no one will be caught rolling a splif at da club, or be, you know, rolling splifs at da club without getting caugh, but those arrest will come.  When the Dawg Nation goes berserk over a 19 year old drinking a beer and then walking into public while intoxicated, at least know that some of us get that there is good behavior on the football team.


  1. This post goes in the category wish-I-had-thought-of-that.

  2. Thaz right!

  3. "we all know he is paid to win ballgames, something he didn't do nearly enough of last year (I know it wasn't just last year)."

    Yes, let's just talk about 2 guys on the team when our kick-off returns are # 85 in the nation and our pass efficiency defense is # 48 in the nation and our OL the dead last worst in America.

    While 20 percent of the 85 scholarships 17 are Arrested / Suspended.

    Curious that Mark Richt gets credit for his great recruits he brings here, but no blame whatsoever for what they do off the field or on it.

    Yes, it has been more than just 2010 with 21 losses the last five (5) years - averaging MORE than 4 losses a season over the last five (5) years now and counting with more of the same now for 2011.

    Let's just pick out 2 under-performing players on the field and talk about them when they clearly did themselves no favors on the field to earn their NFL Draft they both had hoped for at this time right now.

    So, let's just talk about what they did off the field, that since the NFL stock is way down instead of way up after the woes of the OL this season and woes of both the kick-off returns and woes of the secondary especially on 3rd downs offensively and defensively, that hey they are coming back to their degrees.

    While we kicked five (5) players off the team since this time last year and another 2 transferred out under extreme duress on and off the field too.

    Grasping for straws isn't going to help this situation on our football team on and off the field for the last five (5) years.

    Clearly arguments that posts should not be allowed during recruiting period that say too many losses and too many arrests have not affected the recruiting.

    Now, have they ?

    So, when are we going to fix this ?

    We fix it by Kool-Aid posts ?