Monday, January 17, 2011

SEC Hoops Power Poll - Jan 16th

My ballot for the week.  Dude, what a crazy week.

  1. Kentucky - Two over-matched opponents easily put away.  
  2. Georgia - A dominating road win and a loss to a team that seems to think they are Arkansas.  Thankfully for the Dawgs, they don't have to go to Nashville any more this season.
  3. Florida - The loss on Saturday is exhibit 4 of why the Gators are the team most likely to lose in the first round of the SEC or go to the Final Four.
  4. South Carolina - A nice road win.  But a loss to Alabama is just...mystifying.
  5. Tennessee - The cardiac kids don't do anything easy.  This week is a good example with a trips to Athens and Hartford.
  6. Vandy - What is it with 2nd half play on the road with this team?
  7. Arkansas - First team from the West.  Might be the only one to make postseason play.
  8. Alabama - Moving week.  Play Kentucky close and they could catch Arkansas for number seven.
  9. Mississippi State - Nice road win.  That'll be their last.
  10. LSU - Well, at least Old Miss comes to town this week.
  11. Mississippi -  Dude.
  12. Auburn - I predict Auburn will be reason number one why the pundits will claim the SEC is not worthy of a fifth team in the NCAA tourney.


  1. Don't forget that same horrific Awbarn team beat the FSU team that just Beat the Mighty Dookies.

  2. Pretty good assessment BIE. I think we may be a little high come season's end, but this is a POWER poll and the Dawgs looked pretty POWERful on Saturday. At least the offense did anyway.

    The same can be said for Carolina as far as where they'll end up at the end of the season. While I think they're a hot team right now, they're way too young to keep this going for 13 more games. Unless something crazy happens, they're gonna end up last in the East.

  3. RPI

    # 142 Georgia tek
    # 258 Weak Forest
    # 132 Virginia
    # 107 North Carolina State
    # 91 Maryland
    # 90 Climpsum Farmers
    # 73 Virginia Tech
    # 67 Florida State
    # 38 Georgia Bulldogs 13-3

    That is not a Bubble team. # 38 has never been left out.

    Next up vols tomorrow night 18 January, who are # 24 RPI

    Predicted to Win 21 games before the NCAA Tournament.

    The Lady Dawgs are 15-3 with RPI # 25 who are at Alabama Thursday, after their resounding victory last night coming back from 16 down to beat Florida at Our Home for the 8th Consecutive Year by 6 points.

    The Lady Dawgs are also not a Bubble team, with 18 prior Sweet 16, including last season.

    Now, build them a damn gym Greg McGarity – get off your BUTT in some sport you are the manger of the coaches for.