Monday, January 10, 2011

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Jan 9th

I am again participating in the SEC Hoops Power Poll.  A couple of thoughts before my ballot.  I tried not to put too much into the games yesterday.  Yes, the head to head matchups matter, but for ranking purposes, I look at the team's overall season and how I think they have done to this point in the season. I do look at RPI, quality wins and road vs home wins.  Basically, I try to sort order the teams the same way the NCAA tournament selection committee would.
  1. Florida - RPI of 14 and SOS of 6.  Plus, they had a pretty win against a good Ole Miss team.  When will they have another head scratching loss?
  2. Georgia - Great win over a good team.  Carrying the longest win streak in the conference at 9.
  3. Kentucky - A bit of over confidence against the Dawgs?  A very coachable moment for Calipari.  I'd hate to be Auburn right now.
  4. South Carolina - Played their best game since the loss at Michigan State. Rewarded with a trip to Alabama.
  5. Vandy - Yeah, they lost, but this is a better team than that.  Kevin Stallings probably made his guys run home after fading the way they did in OT.
  6. Mississippi - Tough loss to a good team.  The cupcake pre-conference schedule didn't do them any favors, though.
  7. Arkansas - Beat Tennessee at home.  Unluckily for them, they don't get to play their road games at Reynolds.
  8. Tennessee - One down and how many phone calls to go?
  9. Alabama - Hey, we won!
  10. LSU - Hey, when do we get Auburn again?
  11. Mississippi State - Quite physical in the stands.  Not so much on the floor.
  12. Auburn - Hates to be Auburn right now. 

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