Sunday, January 23, 2011

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Jan 23

Sorry for the quiet week.  I've been tied up with work and stuff going on outside of that.

My ballot:
  1. Florida - Honestly, I could have ranked them fourth just as easily as first.
  2. Kentucky - Calipari could probably coach Auburn's defense with that kind of language.
  3. Tennessee- The refs from Athens did not make it to Hartford.
  4. Georgia -Nice bounce back win after tough loss to a good Tennessee team.  We will find out how serious Georgia is about making the NCAA tourney with a home game against Florida and a road trip to Lexington.
  5. Vandy - The SEC and NCAA tournaments will not be played at the Opera House, will they?
  6. South Carolina - The Gamecocks are getting pretty good at this fall-behind-furious-comeback-to-force-overtime-and-win thing.
  7. Alabama - Nice home win over Kentucky, although I don't know how you score exactly the same number of points against Kentucky and Auburn in the same week.
  8. Arkansas - The West's version of Vandy, but with a triple digit RPI and only one win over a team with a pulse.
  9. Mississippi - The only double digit RPI in the West makes up for only one win in conference. For now.
  10. Mississippi State - Sidney almost pulled off his first double-double against Georgia. Alas, the refs are not as forgiving as his coach; make him sit after five fouls.
  11. LSU -Number 11, with a bullet.
  12. Auburn - At least that damn Jeff Lebo isn't around to drag them up to mediocrity.
 I am still trying to decide if the SEC East is pretty good from teams 1-6 or if we just think that due to how terribly bad the West is, especially after team 2.  The top of the East is very crowded and basically I could have drawn names out of a hat for the top five.   I could have done the same with teams 8-10 and felt ok with it.

Florida got the nod at number one due to their 4-1 record.  Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Florida (in that order) all have RPIs in the teens.  Georgia (at 42nd) and Vandy are the only teams in the top six without a 'bad' loss, but Georgia got the nod due to a road win (and despite the head to head loss in Nashville). 

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  1. You can't really say where Georgia is right now. We have 5 really good pieces. Thornton is starting to come on as the Mark Fox pick-up that is needed. When he gets it rolling, we might be a great team. Robinson was another huge get for Mark Fox, who has done well for sure knowing what he needs, getting it and looking very good.

    On the women's side, Andy Landers has 1 senior, 1 junior and all the rest freshmen and sophomores. This team is talented and deep, and somehow the ball hogs who have been flinging it up and missing, are passing the ball to their teammates. That's coaching too.

    Then, we have our football team. A team with as much talent as anyone in the nation, yet :

    It's not a talent issue, which has brought us this these last three years :

    Lost - to # 21 Central Florida 6-10
    Lost - to # 01 Auburn 31-49
    Lost - to # 15 Missy State 12-24
    Lost - to # 12 Arkansas 24-31
    Lost - to # 22 South Carolina 6-17
    Won vs. # 13 Georgia tek 30-24
    Lost - to # 03 Florida 17-41
    Lost - to # 17 LSU 13-20
    Won vs. # 24 Michigan State 24-12
    Lost – to # 22 Georgia tek 42-45
    Lost – to # 01 Florida 10-49
    Lost – to # 06 Alabama 30-41

    2-10 last 3 years vs teams who finished in AP Poll Top 25

    Yes, the basketball programs are getting it done. Their talent level isn't that different from our football talent level. Look at the NFL, the recruiting ratings, and 96 wins 34 losses.

    Discipline and decision-making along with a lack of motivation - in other words coaching our talent - is where the problem lies IMHO. Thanks for asking.