Thursday, January 20, 2011

Searles and Texas

Not sure if I am in the minority, but not only am I not surprised, I am not upset about this departure.  I am not reading too much into it.  I am not thinking it is a sign of the downfall.  I am not thinking this is Searles way of expressing his disaproval of the S&C hire. 

Texas and Searles danced last year.  Auburn and Searles danced the year before that.  The Longhorns offered him Monte Kiffin Trooper Taylor money.  Searles stays places four years. That is what he does.  Yes, we have had good to great seasons with him.  Yes, we have vastly underperformed under him.  Still, him leaving isn't as earth shattering as making the moves in S&C were, IMHO. 

To answer Coach Searles: "Yes, I usually believe stuff I read on the Internet when it makes sense."

Also, good luck in Texas. 

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  1. The one biggest thing from this is I have never liked having "running game co-ordinator" I think the OC should do both the running game and the passing game so the two can work hand in hand. Like you said, his first couple years here he did some great things with young players, his last few years his lines under performed with veteran guys. I think Richt and McGarity will spend what it takes to get someone in here who can get the job done.