Saturday, January 1, 2011

Questions and More Questions

  1. Did The Todd teach his defense to stop the run over the past month?  No.  Hell, no.  Yeah, the Knights only got 124 yards, but when it mattered most, the our old friend the RZ rushing TD shows up. No high five for The Todd here.
  2. Which Freshman QB will prove to be better in this game? Godfrey.  Murray was off kilter and looked to both force bad passes and asked to throw routes that were maddeningly poorly thought out.  
  3. Does Mike Bobo finally trust his players? No, but in all fairness, after watching the flaming pile of pooh that was the play of Stacey Searles' offensive line, perhaps that was justified. 
  4. Does the AJ factor matter? When it appeared that AJ was going over the middle about once ever 15 pass plays and was the first option on only about half of all pass plays, no. 
I'll have more on the Liberty Bowl later.  Right now, I agree with the Senator's assessment, it doesn't seem like there is any light at either end of the tunnel.


  1. Maybe I did not see the same game you did from the D side of the ball. The D is the only side of the ball that is playing. New scheme and new staff in transition. Maybe you did not see the play of Ogletree and Robinson. Go back and look at the film and reconsider your comment then. If this side of the ball had had a complimentary play on the other of the line of scrimmage this past season you would have saw some better numbers. Too many of you guys do not see what you think you see. You focus too much on the Greens and Murray. But for damn sure the O line has never been there all season. Penetration by other Ds have been there from the first game. Go back and look at the film. Perhaps the new S&C coaches will change the mindset of the RBs, FBs, and interior linemen this offseason. Both of these two new coaches will change some of what you saw this past season.

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