Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Everywhere Has the Same Rules

I noticed this yesterday and it made me think of a picture I saw from the Georgia-Kentucky game.

 (Image: ABH)

So this guy buys a ticket from someone in UVA's athletic department for way above face value and goes to those seats.  He then gets escorted to worse seats because he had on the wrong color jersey.  I am ok with that policy.  However, the  guy who sold the tickets should have to repay the Carolina fan. The original holder of the tickets knew the rule, or had the best opportunity to know the rule.   

At the minimum, I think whoever sold the tickets to get those clowns in blue (in the picture above) this close to the bench should be given a strong talking to.


  1. IDK...even more disturbing may be the fact that Marcus Thornton is smiling while Coach is obviously not in a chipper mood.

    But yeh, that season ticket holder should be forced to try and guard GRjr for a full 40 minutes. Those KenYucky fans don't appear to have a full salary between them.

  2. Thought about it for a bit. If they're not interferring with the bench, let them be.

    Virginia went control-freakish. Seems kind of ironic for a school founded on the principles of democracy and fair representation...

  3. I am surprised no one noticed the nut duster on that tool. I'd of made him move too.

  4. Bernie, I agree. After the game we can play HORSE and the loser gets to wear an Auburn Tshirt with a big picture of Cam (Bernie, might make you play harder huh).