Saturday, January 8, 2011

LSU and Michigan

If I'm Lesticles Miles, I'm already packed and ready to roll.    On one hand, he has a great job, one of the top 10 jobs in the nation.  On the other, he'll forever be unfavorably compared to Nick Saban, because, you know, he isn't Nick Saban.

LSU fans are a conundrum.  These are the people that thought eating ditch roaches is a good idea.  They live in the only place I have ever seen (in the US) that offers drive through drinking. Not drive through liquor stores, mind you.  Drive through daiquiri and mixed drink stands.  Pickup trucks are sold with drink cups that will hold a tall boy as a standard feature.  Alligators don't scare them.  They wait for hurricanes so they can sit on a porch drinking a concoction of rum, vodka, gin and more rum in the middle of the hurricane.  They have six weeks of parties to get ready for the lent season. 

Yet, Les Miles is too crazy for them. 


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