Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Know Better

So yesterday, I had the temerity (or stupidity) to write something good about Mark Richt's football players.

Bad blogger.  No Dr. Who for you.

An anonymous commenter generously pointed out that 'Kool-Aide posts' wouldn't fix anything.  That commenter is right.  In fact, I would posit that no post whatsoever will fix anything about Georgia football.  However, I guess I underestimated the amount of down right hatred some have for Mark Richt.  Any thing decent said about him, and you are part of the problem, bubba.

I guess we are to only evaluate these young men boys lazy, underperfoming thugs and the people clowns that work with them solely on the basis of winning games and not getting in trouble?  Anything less than 14-0 is a looozers.  Know your role and shut your hole, jabroni.

If simply pointing out something good makes me part of the problem, then I am By-God part of the problem.  Pointing out something good doesn't mean I love mediocrity, hate kittens or think Orange and Blue is hot.  Not sure why anyone would think that, but hey, it is a free country, think what you want.

Appreciate you reading, by the way.  It'd probably be worth your time to read some more, like this post on the defense, this post questioning if CMR can still coach, this post on game coaching, or this post and this post on the bowl disaster.  Oh, yeah, there are other post that are NSFTTTMRSBFY, since, you know I am unreasonably attached to Kool-Aide posts.

Alright, now back to Mark Richt not getting credit for recruiting because Georgia lost too many games in the last five years train....


  1. Sorry if tongue-in-cheek doesn't translate well here. I am a big supporter of anyone speaking their mind, but an equally big supporter of sarcasm. I do appreciate that those disagreeing with my viewpoint, or disagreeing with me posting something positive, want the same thing I do (a very successful athletic program).

    This post is an attempt to make a joke about the 'you-agree-with-me-or-you-hate-UGA' viewpoint I am starting to see from all factions.

  2. You're not a Kool-Aide drinker, just a rational fan. Seeing problems and positives at the same time is just hard for some people to do. Chicken Little doesn't stop to make sure the sky is still falling, he's made up his mind and won't be swayed or tempted to change it.

    Don't sweat the Chicken Littles, they are just doing the only thing they know how to do, spread panic and fear.

  3. Don't be down on yourself, brother. Never forget that the vast majority of the folks who are angriest about the current "mediocre" state of Georgia Football are people who have never done anything great in their entire lives. They need the red and black to be awesome so that when they go to their local bar, they can thump their chests and talk about all of "Our" wonderful accomplishments on the field. Without that, their lives are empty.

  4. My son and I had the opportunity to meet Mark Richt a few years back. While shaking his hand I thanked him for being the kind of coach who takes an interest in his players as people. I told him a lot of us are appreciative of his efforts to teach them how to be good men, good husbands and good Christians who actually graduate from college with a degree and the potential to make positive contributions to society. My son added "yeah, and we don't mind winning football games either." "That," said Richt as he smiled "is my problem in a nutshell."

  5. I just don't understand the obvious anger in the comment the guy posted. With all the attention paid to the fact that we had so many arrests and all the attention paid to the guys heading to the draft what is so bad about recognizing players who go on to graduate (whether they underperform or not)? I would be proud to have a team full of guys who wanted their degrees. I would be impressed if the guys who do leave for the NFL continue to do their best to achieve that degree and equally impressed by those who remain in college to do just that.

    Yes, we all want to win. Yes, we're all frustrated over things we have no control over but seem obvious to us. But, we are no longer in college at the age these young men are and facing the temptation or challenges they are. Nor are we college coaches or do we have any insight into the day to day of any part of the program. So we can't really make a sound judgement on their handling of the situations that arise.

    Seems to me these are the same arguments we've been having since the season started with no results- just general bitching and badmouthing. I wish some of these people would grow up and realize as a blogger (and a fan for that matter) you commit to discussing both the good and the bad.

  6. People can say what they want about him as a coach, though I think he is going to have a huge bounce back season this year, but the man sure brought it on the recruiting trail this year. If he closes out with Crowell and Jenkins (and possibly Pagan as well) then whether it is Richt or the next coach we will have as much talent as anyone on campus. I