Sunday, January 9, 2011

Huge Win for Georgia

After a week that didn't bring the best news for the Bulldog Nation, yesterday's win in basketball over #11 Kentucky was salve for the soul.  This wasn't a fluky deal with a second left.  This was a dominating performance over a team that has more overall talent. 

This is proof the Mark Fox hire is working out well.

The seven point win is significant for two reasons.  First, it will take in the neighborhood of 21-22 wins for Georgia to make the NCAA tourney.  With how bad the SEC West is, I think it'll take 22.  That means Georgia needed 10-11 conference wins to get there.  Getting the first one at home, against the team nearly everyone believes is the class of the conference, is huge. 

Second, putting aside the nature of the win and the opponent, this is the kind of win that the tourney committee will look at if the Dawgs finish with 20 wins and a .500 conference record and say yes. 

It isn't outrageous to think the Dawgs can easily get to 20 wins, with how the schedule shakes out.  Just looking at it, there seem to be about 8 more games that the Dawgs will be favored in.  That leaves seven league games and Xavier that are either tossups or Fox's Hounds will be underdogs in.  Winning one that fell in that last category is a big mental boost and a bigger schedule boost.

The Dawgs hit the road for Nashvegas to play Vandy Wednesday at 8pm.

Go Dawgs.

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