Saturday, January 29, 2011

Go Dawgs

On the road today, so I'll be reliant on the Twitters and text to keep up with the game.  We have to do three thing to win:
  • Play disciplined and keep the crowd out of it.  Rupp arena makes the Lakers nervous.  It'll be loud.  Play solid half court offense and keep the fans quiet for 33 seconds at a time and you have a shot of winning.
  • Don't let the refs factor into the game. Kentucky gets all the calls.  They'd get all the calls playing the ref's kids.  That is just the way it is.  Calipari noted that in the last Georgia game, his team was waiting for a ref's whistle to bail them out on their drives to the lane.  There is a reason they think that way.  Keep the lane closed, don't play chase defense; move strongly to the ball on offense by keeping your position.  Kentucky will get theirs, but if you limit the opportunities to let the officials factor in, you stand a chance.
  • Control the inside game. That is Georgia's strength.  If anyone shoots 50% from the arc, well, you are just going to lose that game unless you can shoot 50%+1 from the arc in that same game.  Don't worry about what happened against Florida and keep the Cats from driving the lane or doing some easy drive and dish.  Take charges, go straight up on defense and block out.  
Sound simple, right?

Go Dawgs!

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