Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't have to rely on the Intertubes and such to watch the Dawgs play.

So what team shows up?  The team that thoroughly dominated on Saturday?  The one that struggled to find its game midweek?

I'm talking about Florida.

The Gators lead the SEC at 4-1.  They also have have more headscratching losses than the enterprising video moguls in Knoxville.  Party at Bruce Pearl's y'all!

With any luck, the Dawgs will show up and put it on the Gators.  Doing so will not only earn a nice bump in RPI (Dawgs are 42, Gators 19), but doing so on national TV will help solidify Fox's Hounds place in the media firmament.  While that might not matter to the NCAA tourney committee, it certainly does matter to the kids that are playing hoops and looking for a place to play basketball for a year.

Go Dawgs!

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