Monday, December 13, 2010

Upstage or Hiding?

My first instinct upon Florida's announcement Saturday evening about Will Muschamp was the same as everyone else's: they were trying to get some spotlight off a guy they ran off.  The more I think about it, the less sure I am about that motive.

It is possible they were trying to sneak in and deflect the story from the desperation of the hire.  As I said, this is a long way from a home run hire.  If Florida is one of the best programs around, they why did they have to steal the guy that Mack Brown doesn't think is ready to run his program, despite picking him three years ago to do so?

The Senator brings up a good point, too.  If Vandy gets Malzahn, some folks will think Vandy actually made the better hire.   Jeremy Foley made noise about Will being the first choice, but I am not sure.  While the process was handled better than the Zook hire and the Meyer hire, I don't believe for a second Muschamp was the first call Foley made. 

The more I think about it, the more I tend to think it was as much about deflecting the story away from the substance of the hire and more on the timing of the announcement.  To Florida's credit, that has worked so far.


  1. FWIW, I think Indiana made a better hire than Florida did. I've never thought of a Will Muschamp defense (meaning one not affiliated with either Nick Saban or Tommy Tuberville) as being some unmovable juggernaut. Kevin Wilson produced Malzahn like numbers with his offense before Malzahn did.

  2. I guess everyone has their definition of a "home run" hire. I think this is a great situation for UF and Muschamp both. They get a guy who is passionate about football who grew up in Gainesville. He gets to work in a hotbed of football talent with virtually unlimited financial resources. Go ahead and tell me "Jimmy, you don't understand," but I'm looking hard at this thing and don't see an immediate downside for either party.

    In fact, Texas and Georgia fans are the only ones I've seen raining on Will's parade. Checking out the UF board, they seem to be pretty excited and that's what matters. UGA fans, you better get over your pissing and moaning because Florida is reloading.

    What I'm hearning is a lot of sour grapes from Dawg fans because a guy who played at UGA is now the head guy at Florida. Maybe they were 7-5 but I still think it's the best job in college football...right now.

    Maybe Exilus Maximus is right about the "Mack Brown didn't think he was ready part" but Muschamp is only 39 years old. Urb was 40 when he got the UF gig and that worked out pretty well. Mark Richt was the same age when he got the UGA job and that worked out well, too.
    At least a lot of you used to think so.

    Whatever numbers Texas had on defense last year mean nothing as of now. A guy doesn't have to be the best candidate on the board to make it big...he just has to be the right guy at the right time for that particular situation. Time will tell.