Thursday, December 16, 2010

Those Out of Control Football Players

I can only assume Aron White is being made to speak at commencement as a part of his punishment for an arrest or some other nefarious infraction committed on Mark Richt's inmates running the prison watch.  He was arrested, right?  I mean he plays football for Georgia, for the man-with-the-least-control-of-his-program-since-Barry-Switzer-while-not-showing-any-emotion-or-giving-a-gosh-darn-about-losing-and-he-better-by-God-fire-someone-and-win-the-national-championship-we-all-deserve-or-I'm-gonna-by-God-stop-giving-my-$25-a-year-to-Franklin-College, right?

Or, he could be one of the 90 or so young men in the football program that didn't get arrested this year and will speak at commencement as the student speaker, after being chosen by his peers to do so.

Congrats to a DGD.


  1. Is Mark Bradley introducing White, or is Schultz?

    And btw...well done sir. Very well done.

  2. Will that Red & Black d-bag be covering this? Oh, wait, he was canned for being drunkenly stupid, wasn't he?