Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowy Dawgs

One of the things that I completely dread about winter here is snow.  Actually, it is the thought of the 15th snow fall that gets me blue.  It is hard for me the fathom living in Boise (like @gkitepowell for example) where they get 5+feet of snow a year.  It is hard enough thinking about having a four month snow season (and a realistic chance of measurable snow five+ months a year).

However, the first snow of the year brings out the South Georgia kid in me.  It started last night about 6pm, and it snowed off and on all night.  Nothing too bad, just about 3 inches.  The temperature stayed around freezing, the wind stayed down and it was like someone had sprayed a can of that fake snow stuff on everything this morning.  The town we live in has a 'First Friday' deal every month where the businesses on the courthouse square stay open late, the Chamber of Commerce sponsors a special event, and there are plenty of people out and about.  We put the kids in kennel and joined our neighbors for "The Reds of Christmas," a walking wine tasting tour.  The snow made it like a Rockwell (Norman, not KW Gordy) scene.

If you were in Monticello, Illinois, last night and saw a full grown man walking around catching snowflakes on his tongue while holding a glass of Tempernillo, that was me.  You should have joined me.


  1. If you were really from S. Ga you would have had a Natural Light in hand.

  2. @gkitepowell here, and you sir are on the money as usual.. the first few times i shovel the driveway at 6am, the little kid who loved that one snow day a year back in georgia comes out in me. I still equate snow to a day off school, or a drinking day back at UGA, so I happily shovel the driveway with memories of goodtimes in my head...then after the 4th or 5th full shovel action, sore back, iced over sidewalk and garage floor turned black and salty from the roadgrime, i start to get just a little more bitter about this place....

  3. You have the same Dawg that we have guarding our house in sunny Florida. By the way, our older daughter is moving a bit south of you, to the Mount Vernon area. I think she will be in for a treat.

  4. Annon, I have always been a bourbon guy, but do love me some red wine, especially when it is basically a one price for plenty deal.

    Dr. Spruell, Mt. Vernon is a bit south. More trees, a bit less snow, but believe me, there will be plenty.