Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rivals All-Freshman Team

Get ready Dawg fans, because Rivals thinks Aaron Murray is second team, as well.  Nebraska's Taylor Martinez was the 1st team pick for All-Freshman QB.  Not sure how they got there, other than the four wins Nebraska had that Georgia didn't (but even that doesn't explain the other picks of kids from Washington State, Illinois, Indiana, or Kent State).  They even noted Martinez's injury as a reason for his reduced production later in the season.  I guess missing time for injury is more forgivable than missing time for jersey sales.

I can see the arguments about SEC Freshman of the year with what Lattimore meant to his team, his 1000+ yard season and 17 TDs, but can disagree with them, as Murray had a 3000+ yard season and 24 passing and 4 rushing TDs.  However, that isn't an apples to apples comparison, so there is room for debate.  I can't see how you pick Taylor Martinez over Aaron Murray, when you are comparing apples to apples.

A quick review of the stats reveals the stark differences in the season the two QBs had:

Rush Yrds  Pass Yrds Plays Tot Yrds Yds/play Pass TD Rush TD Rating Yds/game
Murray 163 2851 379 3014 8 24 4 162.72 251.2
Martinez 942 1578 335 2520 7.5 9 12 138.64 210

Murray was 33rd in the nation in total offense, compared to Martinez's 59th.  They had equal numbers of ints (6), despite Martinez throwing 117 fewer balls.  Murray's cohort in QB rating (he was 9th) is Jeff Godfrey of UCF, Ricky Stanzi of Iowa, Andrew Luck of Stanford, and Greg McElroy of Alabama.  Martinez's (he was a respectable 38th) cohort includes Christian Ponder of FSU, Zach Collaros of Cincinnati, Tino Sunseri of Pitt, and Carson Coffman of Kansas State.  When you throw the scoring difference in (28 TDs to 21 TDs), the pick becomes laughable.

Hey, I get these are really just made up awards.  They do mean something to the kids and their fans, so at least be open about why you are picking these players.  Clearly it wasn't for their statistical performance. 


  1. Nebraska had a better season.

    Argument over.

  2. Then Josh Boyce(TCU) and Kenny Stills (Oklahoma) should have been picked above Washington State's (2-9, btw) Marquess Wilson at WR, despite Wilson having the most productive season of all Freshmen WRs. Wilson shouldn't even be on the list, right?

    So by that method, how many more wins is enough to overcome 7tds and 40 ypg? If Nebraska had been 9-3? 8-4? 10-2, but not in Big 12 champ game?

  3. Maybe we can finally win an SEC Title with these All-SEC guys

    Haven't seen much of that lately...err....6 years

  4. Martinez's win difference might have had something to do with his team having a better defense and a running game to take some of the pressure off of him.