Monday, December 20, 2010

Or an Alternative Theory Is...

So Geno Auriemma has a theory: People hate his UConn women's team due to their vaginas. 

So does that mean the Yankees, Duke basketball and Manchester United all have vaginas?  Actually, my distaste for UConn's women's basketball team has more to do with their coach and his attitude than anything else.  Taking nothing away from the streak, which is truly amazing, the hardest part for me to take is the fact that the coach that will break John Wooden's record is a dick.

Instead of just winning and being happy for his team, he has to have the story be about him and his thoughts, not the streak itself.  The point has proven itself again.

Stay classy, dude.


  1. Seriously, the man made me root for Pat Summit. Massive tool.

  2. When I have lower intestinal problems I call it "the screaming Auriemmas". Agree totally and was sympathetic toward Pat when the recruiting questions came up several years ago. She has great class whereas he only qualifies for the last three letters of that word.

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