Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking Back at QBs

At the beginning of the season, there were significant questions about the 2010 QB class in the SEC.  The thought in July and August was with so many talented QBs leaving, the class would be down.  By so many, the media meant TGCPE.  The basic ranking went something like this:
  1. Ryan Mallet
  2. Greg McElroy
  3. John Brantley
  4. Those other suckers.
In response to those lists, I posed the question: Is John Brantley getting so much love because of something they saw in him or because of the *all bow reverently* Meyer spread?  

Clearly, it was neither.  Very few can legitimately claim they thought Murray would have the kind of year he had (3rd in Ypg, Passing and total TDs, 4th in QB rating).  Hell, his coaches didn't realize what they had until the sixth game of the season.  No one would have thought John Brantley would be in the 9th range on all of those and be semi-replaced with a re-converted halfback. 

There are three big surprises in the SEC, QB wise, this season:
  • The Emergence of Cam Newton.  Cam Newton, a 50/50 prospect to make it to the Fall when he was named starter in April due to his past behavior, was a huge question mark.  There were those, all Auburn paisans, that predicted the second coming.  Most looked on with bemused disinterest, because Urban Meyer wouldn't let someone who is the second coming leave Florida over a little thievery, would he?  
  • Stephen Garcia, international man of I don't give a crap.  He completed 65+% of his passes.  He had 20 passing and 6 rushing TDs.  He only had 11 ints.  He had the voice of Mephistopheles in his ear and telling the press all season that he wasn't good enough.  I, like most, figured him to be sitting in the corner chewing his hair, smoking a cig, wearing a Clemson snuggie, and dating Dan Snyder by the end of the season.  Instead, he was a steady calm influence that lead his team to a berth in the SEC Championship game.
  • Aaron Murray's emergence.  He has two more seasons like this and he'll be a first round draft pick.  Before you start saying, yeah but he had AJ Green, his production didn't change significantly once AJ got into the game.  Tell me you thought he'd go for 3000 yds, 61.8% completion rate, 24Tds and 6ints. Liar.  I think we all would have been happy with 2000 yds, 55% completion rate and any TD/Int ratio above 2. 
Clearly Mallet and McElroy lived up to their billing.  Mallet will be a first rounder.  McElroy will be a mid-rounder.  Both had the strong seasons that were projected.  Any question Murray should be the class of the SEC going into 2011?


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  2. I would not have guessed that :

    Aaron Murray # 73 nation 1st Downs

    Aaron Murray 2 yards per 7 carries game

    Aaron Murray 6-6 as Starting Quarterback

    Aaron Murray beat no even reasonable team

    Aaron Murray lose to 6 QB all better head-to-head

    Aaron Murray steal 75 carries from RB

  3. Ha that's the same Anon. idiot that likes to post on the AJC blogs. Move along kids. Nothing to see here.