Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I made a pact with myself not to get worked up over Dan Wetzel's writing.  Hell, I rarely even read his tripe.  Thankfully, Senator Blutarsky beat me to the punch on Wetzels annual screed on why the BCS hates America.  The gist: 6-6 FIU not playing for a national championship cheats the players and fans, and there is nothing exciting about the conclusion of the football season until the BCS championship game is played.

I am firmly in the camp of blowing up the BCS.   It is a one game playoff, there is no argument about that.  Go back to letting Wisconsin and Oregon play the Rose Bowl, Auburn and TCU play in the Sugar Bowl, FSU and Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and Georgia and UCF in the Liberty Bowl.  The same problem Wetzel, Fiutak, et al. have with the current BCS isn't going away with a 12 to 24 team tournament.  Their problem is the subjectivity of the selection of the two teams. 

How that will change when the number is higher and the number of teams possibly deserving goes up?

As it is, at least 35 teams go out of the season on a winning note.  Ask Central Florida's players which they'd rather do, lose to Stanford in Palo Alto on December 11th or play with a fighting chance to beat Georgia on December 31.  I've never been in the arena, but I am pretty sure I know which one I'd want. 

Under the clown plan, all renaming bowl games will be relegated to NIT, CBI or worse status.

The best argument for a playoff is the money.  I am not, nor can I be, convinced that there is more money to be made by taking the money from the BCS bowls, plus the top three to five other bowls, off the table, and then telling those games that they are now relegated to the leftovers.  The Gator Bowl pays out $2.5mil now for a solid SEC vs. a solid Big 10 game.  How much will they pay out to see 6-6 Kentucky vs. 6-6 Illinois?  What about those 'little' bowls that will fold, with their $1mil payouts to schools like Southern Miss or UTEP.  Will the pie be that much bigger that those schools will benefit, even though you are telling their players thanks for your play, but 8-4 just isn't good enough for the postseason?

If subjectivity and fairness are the issues, you have to do more than pound your metaphorical shoe on the metaphorical dais to show me how a playoff reduces subjectivity and ensures fairness.  So far, all I have heard is metaphorical racket.

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