Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Go Time!

So Georgia has hired Izzy Mandelbaum to be in charge of the S&C program.

Someone get a medicine ball.  I think he's going to have me box a kangaroo! Mandlebaum! Mandlebaum! Mandlebaum!

In all seriousness, the quality of this hire depends on what the issues were.  IF they were those of motivation and accountability, then fine.  Joe T and Kasey are both fairly known about the program for thier intensity, desire to produce results and love of the program.  If the problems are those of keeping up with the times, well, reference the medicine ball comment.

I don't know enough about strength and conditioning to speak intelligently about much of this, but I do know that I am much more impressed with a guy that can bench press 275 pounds 20 times than one that can bench press 325 twice.  To put it another way, an offensive lineman has to move Nick Fairly about 60 times a game.  Same goes for a DEnd getting by an All-SEC Offensive Lineman and stopping Lattimore at the line of scrimage 40 times a game.

I live with someone who was a Division I athlete, and according to her, you want a strength and conditioning coach that pushes you to do reps until you are at the edge of passing out, then gets you ready for the next set.  Based on that, you might respect or fear (or both) your S&C coach, but liking him and considering him a nice guy isn't necessarily the quality you want rising to the surface. 

In the end, it seems that DVH is perfectly suited to character and community service type activities.  I am glad there is a place for him, as it is never easy to fire people. It is never easy to be fired.  I would remind all that while that is the nature of business, remember that when you start demanding or celebrating such actions.


  1. Coach Van is VERY highly regarded amongst his peers as a S&C coach, and you have to give him credit for a lot of great work he did for most of his career at UGA. I saw him speak at the Senior Gala in 2007 and his tenacity was evident and infectious. He talked about the S&C program with giddiness and I really felt you could see him as a great motivator in the weight room. That makes the apparent decline on the field so puzzling. It's not like he forgot how to do it. Not sure how any health problems he's had has affected his ability to run the program, but perhaps that's a factor. I can say he's one helluva great guy and I'm glad Richt is trying to keep him. I'm convinced he has value beyond his former position and he's a close confidant of Richt's who cares as much about the kids as anyone on the coaching staff. On the flip side, I see where Pollack has given Coach T a huge vote of confidence for taking over that job. I hope its the shakeup we need. Sometimes you just need a change and the reasons why don't matter or seem fair. I wonder how much McGarity's influence has had on Richt's decision here. I'm not saying it's a bad decision, but from what I know about Coach Van, it's one you hate to see happen to a guy like that, if its not what he wanted.

  2. I am definitely excited Coach Richt was able to leverage his talents to help the young me.

  3. What's funny to me is the younger bloggers who only know Joe T as the jolly elf they see at the senior gala every December. The fact that they think he's too "nice" shows what little they know about UGA football history.

    It was almost 20 years ago that I first crossed paths with Joe T. I had just returned from overseas duty and was contemplating a walk-on opportunity at UGA. With Exilus Maximus as my guide, I went to the Butts-Mehre Building (where we were greeted by a young athletics official named Frank Crumley).

    When we got off at the ground level, the elevator opened and Joe T walked by, casting a cold stare. Here I was, an Army veteran, and that one stare scared the living crap out of me. I was afraid I'd trespassed on his double-secret, underground lair in the middle of grading LSU game film or something.

    "Don't get out," I told BEI. "I think he's the guy that guards the River Styx."

    Of course, he's an interim Pope. Ultimately, they'll bring in some young herculoid like Brian Brown but for now, Joe T. is the right man for the job.

    GATA, Dawgs!