Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ha, Ha. Joke's on you.

On one hand, you have to credit the fast work by the NCAA and tOSU here, considering the information just came to light in the past week or so.  On the other, the 'no with holding' provision is just so, reeks of the same bs that got Cam Newton back on the field. 

I will freely admit that I am mad about this for the whole AJ Green situation.  Are you telling me that in the season that has been defined by issues with players selling stuff, Terrell Pryor and his merry band of body art aficionados didn't know that selling Big Ten championship rings and such was wrong?  Is the message now that you should under educate, so as to have a reason to not lose games already in the book or have a valid 'mitigating' circumstance to help miss that very important August 30th home game against Akron instead of a BCS game?

Hey, AJ broke rules.  He was punished for it, albeit more than I thought he should have been based on the NCAA's other rulings (I am looking at the Alabama thing specifically).  tOSU players did too, yet they will be allowed to play in their bowl game because they weren't educated about selling stuff.  Yeah, they got popped with a 50% provision, which is appropriate, but hey, go have fun in New Orleans. 

Funny, I thought only Mike Slive had that kind of heat with the boys and girls in Indianapolis.  If I'm Butch Davis, I am petitioning as hard as I can to get my guys back for the unique opportunity to go to Nashville.


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  2. Delany cashed in a chip. Slive got a break and Delany asked for the same break. It just comes down to the $. If UGA had been a top 5 team late in the season Green would have gotten the same break, just as Au would have gotten in trouble if they were a 6-6 team. If they claim anything other than Money is the reason they are totally full of it. The NCAA is going to ruin the only major sport they have by bowing down to espn and the almighty dollar.