Thursday, December 23, 2010

From the Cornfield

  • So Jet's coach Rex Ryan is catching heat for flirting with his wife (I know it was a role playing video, so what?), but a former Jet's QB has so far been let off the hook doing way more than flirting with someone who is decidedly not his wife.  Do what?  At least there were no junk pictures in the Ryan video.
  • IRS+NCAA+Tattoos+sweater vests=much much fun with my Big Ten friends up here, especially after all the Big Ten gonnna kick some SEC AZZZZZ!!!1! talk this week before we leave for vacation.
  • On the other hand, SEC basketball has not had a very good week.  Florida lost to Jacksonville at home.  Tennessee lost to Southern Cal and UNC-Charlotte at home. South Carolina lost to Furman by a ton on the road.   LSU lost to Directional Texas at home by a ton.  Hey, Georgia and UK took care of over matched opponents, though.
  • If you are keeping score at home, it is only 45 days until pitchers and catchers report.  Coincidentally, that is the over-under date on Urban Meyer asking Jeremy Foley if he can co-coach with Will Muschamp.
  • Is there a less compelling story than anything happening in the NBA right now ever? I am pretty excited I am driving on Christmas Day (provided the weather holds) so I don't have to deal with all of the games that will ultimately decide nothing more than what date the Clippers and Bobcats get eliminated from the playoffs.
  • Same for the NHL, but an outdoor game is pretty cool stuff. I blame Mystery, Alaska, which is the second best hockey movie ever, behind Slap Shot.

*Not safe for work, home, kids or preachers.

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